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Prompting a Business Plan (1/10) - The Idea

Updated: Mar 15

I've heard a few people talk about using their generative AI digital assistant (I refer to mine as an AI) like ChatGPT to write prompts for them before, but I hadn't ever tried it myself.

Until today.

To give some context, I have optimized my custom instructions and described myself as an market strategist, GTM expert, and experienced entrepreneur. Custom instructions are available for all chats but only through the paid, premium version of ChatGPT. I want to try this with Claude next and compare, although I can't hold custom instructions in Claude, so I'll have to add them to my first prompt. Always a fascinating, surprising journey of discovery.

I do not have Memory for my chats, since this feature is still in beta, and I haven't been offered the option yet. I have, however, used ChatGPT-4 almost daily and discussed AI in healthcare in numerous chats, so it's interesting the AI chose a business focused on something I've strategized on.

Following is what I got with my first prompt, very simply, "Design the optimal prompt for writing a business plan using chatgpt." After that will be a series of answers generated by the AI in response to each of the prompts, but as separate blog posts (10 in fact). I included the first response and my comments. A portion of each prompt is below, but you'll have to visit each post for the full prompt.

In this experiment, I did not alter the prompts, nor did I ask follow up questions of the AI. I simply asked for the series of prompts to create a business plan (which I've done many times), then input the prompts in succession into ChatGPT-4 to see what I would get.

Here we go.

1. Introduction to the Business Idea

- Prompt: "Provide a detailed description of a revolutionary B2B tech startup idea that specializes in using AI for enhancing healthcare diagnostics. Include the startup's vision, mission, unique value proposition, and the problem it aims to solve."


2. Market Analysis

- Prompt: "Analyze the current market for AI in healthcare diagnostics ..."


3. Product or Service Description

- Prompt: "Describe in detail the product/service offered by the tech startup ..."


4. Business Model

- Prompt: "Explain the business model for the startup, focusing on revenue streams ..."


5. Marketing and Sales Strategy

- Prompt: "Develop a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy for the startup ..."


6. Operational Plan

- Prompt: "Outline the operational plan for the startup ..."


7. Team and Management Structure

- Prompt: "Describe the startup's team and management structure ..."


8. Financial Projections

- Prompt: "Detail the financial projections for the startup over the next 5 years ..."


9. Risk Analysis and Contingency Plan

- Prompt: "Assess potential risks and challenges the startup might face ..."


10. Conclusion and Call to Action

- Prompt: "Conclude the business plan by summarizing the key points ..."



Ok, these look pretty good. They're fairly short and general, and I typically add lots of context in my prompts, so I am curious to see what a shorter prompt will provide. Of course, there will be strategic decisions made by the AI, and I may need to adjust, but let's keep going and try the first prompt.

Prompt 1 - Introduction to the Business Idea

Here's the answer to the first prompt, "Provide a detailed description of a revolutionary B2B tech startup idea that specializes in using AI for enhancing healthcare diagnostics. Include the startup's vision, mission, unique value proposition, and the problem it aims to solve."

Startup Idea Description: AI-Driven Healthcare Diagnostics Platform

Name: DiagnosAI


To revolutionize healthcare diagnostics globally through cutting-edge artificial intelligence, making accurate and early diagnosis accessible to all, ultimately leading to a world where preventable diseases are significantly reduced, and healthcare is more proactive than reactive.


DiagnosAI is committed to transforming healthcare diagnostics by leveraging artificial intelligence to provide rapid, precise, and accessible diagnostic services. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers with AI-driven tools that enhance diagnostic accuracy, improve patient outcomes, and optimize healthcare delivery.

Unique Value Proposition

DiagnosAI introduces a groundbreaking AI-powered diagnostics platform that significantly outperforms traditional diagnostic methods in speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Our unique value proposition includes:

  • Rapid Diagnosis: Reducing diagnostic times from days or weeks to mere hours or minutes, facilitating quicker treatment initiation.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms trained on vast datasets to recognize patterns and anomalies that may be overlooked in standard diagnostic processes, reducing misdiagnosis rates.

  • Accessibility: Offering cloud-based diagnostics solutions that are accessible to healthcare providers regardless of their location, ensuring that even remote or underserved areas can benefit from state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Decreasing the financial burden on healthcare systems by minimizing the need for multiple tests and follow-up appointments, and by enabling early detection and treatment of conditions before they become more severe and costly to manage.

  • Scalability: Designed to continuously learn and improve from new data, ensuring the platform remains at the cutting edge of diagnostics technology.

Problem to Solve

The healthcare industry faces significant challenges in diagnostics, including long wait times for test results, high rates of misdiagnosis, and unequal access to advanced diagnostic tools. These issues can lead to delayed treatment, increased healthcare costs, and poorer patient outcomes. Moreover, in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries, the lack of access to even basic diagnostic services can prevent effective treatment of diseases.

DiagnosAI aims to address these challenges by providing an AI-powered diagnostics platform that supports healthcare professionals in making faster, more accurate diagnoses. By doing so, DiagnosAI not only improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs but also makes advanced diagnostic tools accessible to a broader range of healthcare providers, including those in underserved and remote areas.


This sounds amazing...and quite similar to a couple of startups I'm working with, though one is bioinformatics-focused, and the other is a medical device reading blood samples. It's like the AI took my two startups and mashed them together.

But WTH are we actually building? A tool? A "platform"? Services? Who's using it? Hm.

It feels a bit flowery at this point, and imprecise. I'm not exactly sure yet what this startup will do, and my bullsh/t meter is rising. Beware market-speak.

Let's move on to Prompt 2, Market Analysis ...

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