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Abstract Background

Market Intelligence and AI Engagement Strategies

Transforming Insights into Action and
Potential into Performance

Welcome to Potentiate, where expertise meets innovation and every strategy propels you forward. Under the leadership of Wendy Jameson, we blend deep strategic insight with a practical application of cutting-edge technologies across various domains.

At Potentiate, we are not just about AI; we are about transforming insights into impactful actions and turning potential into performance. Whether through crafting comprehensive Strategic Business Plans, conducting multifaceted Market Research, or developing adaptable Scenario Planning, our goal is to prepare you for future challenges and opportunities.

Our Advisory Services are meticulously designed to foster innovation and strategic thinking, helping your business not only adapt to changes but become a leader in your industry.


Join us on a journey where every decision is informed, and every strategy is a step toward success.



I offer a unique perspective in AI strategy advising, merging my expertise in counseling psychology with a robust background in business administration, marketing, and entrepreneurial leadership.


This diverse skill set positions me uniquely in the realm of AI advising, where I specialize in making AI technologies accessible and relevant for SMBs.


My approach goes beyond technical soundness, emphasizing the alignment of AI with human-centric business processes.


I invite you to join me on a journey to redefine business, where AI is harmoniously integrated with strategy, empathy, and innovative thinking.

"Wendy is smart and strategic. I saw this directly while working with her on various grant applications. If you have written grants before, you are likely playing checkers. Wendy plays multi-dimensional chess as she thinks how the seemingly smallest detail in a marketing assessment can drive everything from marketing to operations."

Zachary S. Brooks, PhD, EMBA

Founder & CEO, UGenome Biotech

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