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Mindset for Success

Last month we talked about dreaming up and creating your personal vision to get you started for not only the New Year, but beyond 2006 and into the rest of your life. This month let’s look at what makes or breaks us in bringing that vision to life.

Certainly DOING is a critical part of making your life become what you want it to be, but equally important are what you THINK and how you FEEL about your life. They are yin and yang, two halves to the whole of who you are. Action without thought is unguided and meaningless; thought without action remains only a dream.

So, what does it take to create a Mindset for Success? Experts differ on the essential components, but I’d argue the following are most important.

  1. Define Success. After you’ve accomplished all your goals, what’s the end result? What combination of accomplishments will make you truly happy?

  2. Get Clear on Your Values and Beliefs. Pay attention to what’s important and why. These are your foundation, the “who” that you are.

  3. Be Proactive, Not Reactive. Proactive people look to the future. Reactive people let their emotions manage the moment. Learn to anticipate desires, challenges or obstacles.

  4. Be Results-Driven. Define, set and prioritize goals (end results), and do whatever it takes to achieve those goals--they’re part of success as you define it. Track and measure your progress.

  5. Create a Reward System. If you’re going to all the trouble of defining and achieving goals, don’t forget to reward yourself for all measures of success. It’s what keeps you motivated! Think small goal-small reward, big goal-big reward.

  6. Be Unstoppable. How many of us quit just short of attaining success? If your vision isn’t compelling enough to keep you going through the hard times, redefine it. Make it worth working for, and keep going and going and going…

  7. Accept 100% Responsibility. Be willing to take risks and allow yourself to stumble, but always remember that it was your choice and therefore, your responsibility. Prepare for consequences, good or bad.

  8. Send Out and S.O.S. An S.O.S. is a “separation of space.” When emotions run high, give yourself time to calm down and choose your response. A moment’s pause could be enough to prevent regrets later.

  9. Control Your Internal Self-Talk. I can’t say enough about this! What you say to yourself becomes your reality, whether it’s factual or not. Be honest, but gentle, with yourself.

  10. Be a Reflective Thinker. Take time on a regular basis to consider the events and emotions of your life. Those who only “do” lose sight of what’s important.

  11. Have a Positive Mental Attitude. Develop your ability to laugh at yourself, to see the silver lining and consider more positive perspectives on events. As I often tell my clients, “There’s a very real possibility that this could turn out exactly as you want.” By focusing on the positive potential, you worry less, feel happy more.

Originally published in December, 2005, "Mind Matters", Building Edge Magazine.

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